Friedman’s Flat World

10 Flatteners


Flat World is all about exploring why the world became “Flat”. Based on what i read in the story. Friedman’s called the flattener #1.” When the walls came down, and the windows came up”. I relate it to myself based on what i experience before. When i entering the college life, my new journey will start. Everything seems not to be okay, because i learn something new that i didn’t know before. I always hangout with my friends, i learn not to attend to my class just to go out with my friends. We always explore, in the place that we go for the first time. In that day, i realize that everything seems not to be okay. I tried my best just to not repeat it again. I always attend to my class and i promised to myself that i will do my best for my family. Like the berlins wall, when my life came down, i start another new just to build it up again in a way that everything will be fine. The next flatteners why Friedman’s called the world is flat is when the #2. Netscape. in our “New World”, we live in the world of Technology, in our new generation we have a lot of gadgets such as iPad,Laptop,PC,and etc. because of this gadgets we can communicate to our love ones. we can say anything we want, and we can do anything just to be happy. I have experience a lot because of the internet. everytime, i can communicate to my Love when i miss her. and i can use any internet games when im bored. this is what the internet can do to everyone to be happy. the next flatteners is #3.”WorkFlow Software”. Friedman’s catch-all for the standards and technologies that allowed work to flow. The ability of machines to talk to other machines with no humans involved, as stated by Friedman. Friedman believes these first three forces have become a “crude foundation of a whole new global platform for collaboration”. this flatteners Friedman argues that outsourcing has allowed companies to split service and manufacturing activities into components which can be subcontracted and performed in the most efficient, cost-effective way.