Finals: Learnings2

everyone of us having a chance to be a professional someday thats what our professor said. as long as you know that you sacrifice a lot of time and knowledge you can get what you want as a IT students. i believe that everyone of us are having their own different ideas about what IT means. but everytime our professor discussing i have always thinking about what i can be in my near future. as a student of sir arvin i always willing to learn because of his being a funny professors. i have learn many things because of him.

in all he tackle this day, i have learn that being a good example as IT students for the incoming future. as being a students i enjoyed studying and learning about many things that gives you a positive thinking. i learned that if you did your the best working you can get a chance to be a professional someday. and if you are not you can get any job that can be the best suit for you. every time sir arvin discussed about our lessons, i can’t go home that i have no learnings from him. thats why i enjoyed so much this semester, not only because of what i have learn but because he always give us a chance to have fun while we listening.


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