Finals: Learnings#1 “Introduction to Management”

what a interesting day again 🙂

Our professors tackle about what data is? Data it is all about a creating system by your own. You need to make decision in first before you complete it. I know Everyone have their own rights to make a decision. A decision that will change your life in good or bad. For us decision making are the hardest thing that we need to do. This is a decision that will help us to have a better life. But how to make a decision when it comes to business enterprise.

Our professor explain it to us and he told that in business enterprise they make a decision based on what their feelings. It looks like in us, we create a decision defend on what our feelings.When sir  give us an example. My favorite part is when he goes to Singapore. I don’t imagine that the students there are look alike us, here in pamantasan ng lungsod ng marikina. He said we have a same age. But the one thing that the students in Singapore have and we don’t have are they are not interested to play a games or any online games on their vacant time. Instead they do their projects or task and then after that if they finish it. They went to the company and they sell it. When I hear that from our professor. I wish I can do the same, I wish I don’t have any idea about playing games instead I will do my task to finish it. Many ideas are came to my mind. I wish I can be like that. I can help my parents by my own sacrifices.


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