Learnings: The New Face of the Economy

Another learning for this day. It has big differences between the past and current economy that we have now. Its start in the agricultural that all works are using hands. People are working without a machine. One of the example is the farmers, they works using bolo to remove the grass in the farm, not like now we have a machine to make it faster and easier. Now we use a machines, were created to make their jobs fast but still people needs to operate it, also it helps them to be more productive. People learned how to use Capital to buy Goods or Raw materials for their business establishments and for trading. Resources without knowledge is nothing that was the idea what the picture represents. you can’t be more productive if you don’t make improvements. Necessity is the root of all inventions, due to the big demand or needs inventors create new things that may solve that problems. IT has a big improvement about the economy before and  because of the contribution of the machine.


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