Learnings: ” How the Industry works”

this day is so very interesting because our professor discussed to us about many things. Like what we can do or what we are in industry. My prof told to us that as a IT students we can do many things in the industry as a professional. Because of that I think that before you enter in the industry make sure that you have a skills in the world of IT or you have a potential, because it will never be easy like what you think in the first place. Industry is a big World for aspiring IT Professionals so that its important to have a skills, knowledge and confidence for the task that they given to you. So its not like other works that you only need is to have their requirements and then they hired you as soon as possible. While our professor discussing, I have so many question to myself, what i will be or what i can do as a IT students for my future. Can i have a skills that IT professional are have? can i do my job like what professionals are done in our community. I need to find out all my questions to myself. I know its not now but in the near future. All i can do for now is to do my job as a student and maintaining my grades.


before i ends i have learned many things. i have learned that you need to prepare and to get ready if you want to belong in the industry.


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