Self-Assessment (Exercise 1)


“Vision/Mission statement is a paradox to new economy.”

– I can say that paradox is the contradict of Vision/Mission in our economy. the Vision/Mission is to build us up in our new economy to be more better than the past.

2. “Costumer is King” is a paradox to new economy

-The customer is king because we know that they need to sell, and they are always right, even when they are wrong they must speak correctly or e exposing them in a way like a professional.

  1. “Cross Functional Teams are effective and represent good form of organizational structure.”

– every one in our organization have their own strengths, weaknesses and potential, but everyone should not limited in one position only. We need to communicate to them by sharing ideas or knowledge that we have as part of being a cooperative. Sharing ideas is important to discuss properly about what they do to be a successful in their plan.

  1. “Workers are more interested in remuneration than challenging function.”- it says that many workers are more interested in their sallaries than accepting those challenges. but the the growth of organization is depend on the potential and performance of their employees.
  1. “Management should discourage informal group of workers in an organization.”

– it says that the management are not incourage of the informal group. in short they want a proffesional that always exercise inside or outside of their organization.

  1.  “IT leaders should spend more time with colleagues, partners, and customers than with IT staff, and vendors.”- The statement wants to impress us to have a firm relationship that works together.  If there is no idea, there is no completion of the project. Ideas come from different people of an organization is one of the ingredients in our projects.
  1.  “IT leaders should have a voice at the executive table which key business decisions are made.”

–  we cant deny that one in us are having a higher position in this organization. like a IT leaders they have more knowledge or ideas. they are more expert than to us because they are based on what experience they have.

  1. “Leaders are more effective if they are more concerned about people than task.”

– They are the key to the success of every organization. If the leaders care to the people, the people will care back the leaders. It is the mutual relationship that makes an organization grow ponders.

  1. “Leaders are more effective if they focus their efforts on improving external-facing processes than business functional processes.”

– to build our relationship with our leaders we need to be a good members. and we can say that they are good leaders if they are good in facing those challenges.

  1. “Organizations are better off if CIO’s reports to CFO’s.”

– giving a correct information is one of the proof that we did the best as a workers in our organization.