Learnings: “Fundamentals of Management & Business and Functional Areas of Organization(November 12, 2015)”

I have learned that It is an important thing to define all the right resources before taking any action. Good selection of process is necessary to achieve the desired output in any tasks of an organization. One wrong procedure could bring damage.Every people in an organization are important and have its own responsibility to follow. But not all people will do the entire tasks. and Each of personnel have its unique ability and skills.One thing that impresses me more is the importance of following rules and procedures. Because if we know how to followa simple rule, then we are capable to do a difficult task.An organization that knows how to value their people will have a good return. It is an important thing that the employees are enjoying in what they are doing, because this will bring more creativity and more productivity.The employees should also know their rights, obligations and as well as their limitation so that they can work freely. Every organization has different norms to follow, we as a worker we should discern it so we could adjust to our co-worker and to higher people.

In 0ur school, when we doing research or other paper works, students tends to give a least priority in all the documents. Sometimes right after doing it, students will just keep it in their boxes. But right after the discussion, I realized that every papers and documents counts, meaning it has a value. My application now is to really give value in every document that I am doing.I always believe that whatever we are doing is just a preparation in the real world of IT. If the professor is getting strict, then probably he is acting like the boss of the company. And it is for our sake.



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